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chemical goods

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About us

Transportation of liquid goods is a priority in the activities of our company. We have an impressive fleet of tank trucks, which allows us to transport a wide range of liquid goods: from highly perishable foods to dangerous and chemical goods. We are a permanent member of the Association of International Road Carriers «BAMAP». Such a high status requires not only responsible transportation of liquid goods by tank trucks, but also the fulfillment of a large number of requirements. So, all vehicles and containers for transportation of liquids have CMR insurance policies of international standard.

For high-quality transportation of liquid goods, it is necessary to use different types of tanks: isothermal, heated, for the transport of dangerous and chemically active substances. Our tank trucks have an additional external insulation, and some are divided into sections, which allows you to simultaneously deliver several types of liquid goods. The tank trucks operated by our company meet high environmental safety standards and international rules in the field of transportation.

To preserve the original properties of the transported goods, the tankers are subject to mandatory cleaning and disinfection before each departure. Due to this, we are ready to guarantee the customer the safety and sanitary security of the transported liquid products.

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  • More than 20 years on the market

  • Superior Security

  • Over 800 satisfied customers

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